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Lexie M., Anaheim, CA
07.22.19 – “Our mentors, Brenda and Robert, were absolutely phenomenal! We can not thank them enough for truly listening to our concerns, sharing about their own struggles and helping our relationship grow immensely with God in the center of our relationship. We both received so much clarity during these meetings, learning what is both of our responsibilities in our relationship as well expectations, wants and needs. We can't thank Marriage by God enough for helping us grow individually and also together as a couple. If I could rate them a million stars I would and I 100% recommend this program for any couples out there! It is refreshing to hear things from other peoples perspectives (especially ones that are not friends or family) and it was also nice to hear things in your spouses perspective. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with Brenda and Robert and will never be able to thank them enough for having such an amazing impact on our lives.”

Bill W. San Juan Capistrano, CA

03.09.19 – “This is a fantastic program. The one on one mentoring by another couple with a host of practical tools that you can put to use immediately were of tremendous benefit.”

Michele L., Buena Park, CA
08.20.20 – "We were blessed to have Mike and Nora as our mentors/counselors.  They took the time to really listen to us without passing any judgements or criticism. We felt safe and comfortable to share our stories. They guided us firmly and challenged us tenderly with the scriptures. No marriage is perfect but Mike and Nora have shown us that two imperfect people can grow as a couple with God in the center."

Matthew B., Irvine, CA
04.22.20 – “Awesome program!  Ed and Angie were great.  My wife and I were not in a bad place in our marriage at all, but in the thick of running our own business, and having four kids it was just time for us to have a reminder to bring the focus back to us (at least every once in a while).  Not like traditional counseling by any means.  (Guys you won't regret it!)”

David A., Huntington Beach, CA
09.13.19 – “This is how we found Marriage by God and we are so glad we did! What an amazing experience with a great couple who genuinely cared about us and our future. The matched us up well and the tools we learned really made a difference in our relationship. At the end, our mentor couple invested in us again by giving us a really nice gift. They also will be attending our wedding! It's great to know that we have an incredible faith based couple to draw insight from going forward and we know it'll be a lasting friendship.”

Ryan A., Mission Viejo, CA
08.27.19 – “Having that close, intimate relationship and meetings with an older married couple was amazing. Being guided every-week with questions/challenges sure gave both of us insights into our current thinking that would have gone unresolved had we not committed to this program! Learning through our married mentors experiences and how they resolved problems throughout their marriage with God at the core was VERY helpful. My wife and I try to do a yearly marriage retreats to check in on each other, but this year we wanted something a little more 1-on-1. Marriage By God is now going to be a yearly thing, it's that good! Since we grow and change, it's important for my wife and I to stay in-tandem with each other, knowing that God is in control and ALWAYS in the middle. I recommend this program to all married Christian couples.”



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