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"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

– Proverbs 11:25   

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5 Anna & Chris Lee.png

“We liked that we got to be really honest with our feelings, even when it was difficult topics to talk about. Our counselors did great job making us feel comfortable throughout the whole time”

Chris & Anna Lee

1 Mikaela & Matt Webber.png

Mikaela & Matt

“I cannot recommend enough Marriage by God to any newly engaged couple! This program truly sets you up for success in marriage… Our counselors poured into getting to know us well and were able to give us specific conflict resolution tools that have had an incredible impact in our relationship. This is the best thing you can do to prepare for your marriage and keeping Christ in the center!”



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6 Corey W.png

Corey W.

“We were so blessed to have great mentors that really helped us prepare for our next step in life! Our communication skills improved greatly and were taken to a whole new level… I was nervous starting this program, but once we met our counselors we quickly felt comfortable and relaxed. We felt nurtured and supported every step of the way and cannot imagine not taking this program before we get married. Our counselors were great examples of Christ and on top of that they were fun and caring!”

2 Alexis & Ryan.jpg

“I LOVED our counselors! We instantly clicked and I (Alexis) felt comfortable to share our struggles + and ask questions. I knew that they truly cared about us and wanted the best for both Ryan and I. They are the kindest people in the world… They played such a big role in strengthening our relationship with each other and also helped us adjust from Long Distance relationship to Marriage.”

Ryan & Alexis

4 Adam G.png

Adam G.

“The program is awesome. Our counselors were knowledgeable of the course and the materials and the fact that they took the course themselves only helped them counsel us at a more personal level. This course will give you so much understanding of the other sex and how to make your marriage succeed, help you focus your relationship around God, and to keep your relationship fun! We can’t thank Marriage by God enough!”

Emmanuel & Kristi Ponce.png

“Going through the program provided an opportunity to have discussions that you normally wouldn’t but that you should before taking the step of marriage. We learned more about each other through the process and how to stay in communication with each other. It was special to have the trust of our mentor couple that we could discuss those things with. This is definitely a must!!”  CLICK FOR VIDEO

Emmanuel & Kristi Ponce

3 Elaine H.png

“This program is wonderful! It gave us a platform to speak and understand and be encouraged. We were set up with wonderful marriage mentors who were able to accommodate our unusual schedule! They were down to earth, real, honest, and caring! We highly recommend this program to any newly engaged couple. We have already referred friends to the program.”

Elaine H.

14 Brittany & Erik.png

“I loved that it was more than just going through a workbook together.  Erik and I could discuss things, facilitated by a couple who  shared their wisdom and experience.  They were wonderful at helping us identify what would help our relationship grow.”

Brittany & Erik

15 Alyssa J.png

Alyssa J.

“Woohoo! This marriage counseling is as good as it gets! Both creators and mentors within the program truly take interest and care of the couples within the program. We got more out of this than we originally thought we would. We recommend this to every couple! If you want to get your marriage started on the right foot this program is for you. It is very realistic and really sets you up for success and love… Don’t think twice! It’s so worth it!”

16 Zafella H.png

“It was awesome! I like the book, each chapter is interesting and very thoughtful. I like the mentors who are nice, caring, and open. I also like the flexibility of our schedule.”

Zafella H.

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